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All employees of Nissan entities* and verified Nissan supplier/partners employees* can join the club! You will have 2 vouchers per calendar year to use, which you can choose to use for yourself or instead give to a friend or family member.

As the eligible employee, please register for MyClub Nissan below and you’ll then have access to our exclusive offers.  Where you see an offer that you (or your friend/family member) would like to proceed with, please ‘Request a Code’.  This  unique code can then be provided to your Nissan dealership who will assist you with your purchase, ensuring you can take advantage of your chosen offer. Please note you must use your work email to register.

Offers will be available for a limited time only, and on varying models, as detailed within the Employee Terms and Conditions relating to each exclusive offer.

NISSAN EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT is currently open to:

  • Permanent employees of Nissan entities*
  • Permanent employees of verified Nissan suppliers/Partners*
  • Immediate & Extended family* members of Nissan entities* employees and employees of verified Nissan suppliers/Partners*
  • Friends* of Nissan entities* employees and employees of verified Nissan suppliers/Partners*
  • Retired formerly permanent employees of Nissan entities*



Nissan Entities are defined as:

NMGB, NMUK, NTCE, NMPC, NDE, Permanent Mobilize Financial Services employees are also covered by this definition

Verified Nissan supplier/partners are defined as:

Employees of companies with an active business relationship with Nissan


Immediate Family is defined as:

Parents (including those of spouse/partner)
Grandparents (including those of spouse/partner)
Children (including step children)
Siblings (including those of spouse/partner)

Extended Family is defined as:

Aunts and uncles (including those of spouse/partner)
Cousins (including those of spouse/partner)

Friends are defined as:

Someone the employee has known for more than 12 months

If you qualify under any of the above, great news!

Register to join the club.

(Nissan entity * and Verified Nissan supplier/partners* employee must register here and can request a code on behalf of a friend or family member).